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Where To Wear What Hat

"Where to Wear What Hat", A dark comedy inspired by the 1950's about the societal roles of women.

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Where To Wear What Hat

"Where to Wear What Hat" is a blistering commentary of the societal roles women are expected to play. Equally funny as it is disconcerting, the show uses the connotative iconography of 1950’s femininity to dig up our societally mutated concepts of who women are, what they are capable of, and where they belong. Delicate petticoats pair with brute physicality as women lift other women, grapple with other women, and support other women. A vivid, color-filled stage frames the performers' character depictions of meticulously perfected pageant girls. From the gilding of toothy smiles and eagerness to please, the women begin a disheveled spiral. Layers are unraveled and shed, movement evolves from childlike whimsy to grotesque realities, and we see a slow peeling back of the false narrative about women that society has normalized. These polarities subtly illustrate the inner strength of a woman to survive versus the often fragilely portrayed image of her. What ideas of women are we used to internalizing? What definitions of her have been quietly passed onto us, unnoticed? 

Choreography, costuming, sound design, and set design by: Selina DiPronio and Raven Jones

Performed by: Selina DiPronio, Colleen Hanlon, Cassidy Harris, Jillian Hobbs, Raven Jones, Preeya Kannan, Whitney Wilhardt, Gerard Regot. 

August 25th-27th, 8pm
August 31st - September 3rd, 8pm

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**Trigger warning: sexual assault. Not suitable for children.
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